List of police stations in Nagaland 2023

The following are the list of police stations in Nagaland. As of August 2023, there are 83 notified and functional police stations in Nagaland.

Most of the police stations are jurisdictional in nature, meaning, they have specific defined area of operation. There are three state level police stations namely State Crime Police Station, State Narcotics Police Station and State Cyber Crime Police Station. There are also one women police station in most districts (except in some newer districts) which specifically handles women and children related cases.

List of police stations in Nagaland 2023

Note: Though Chumoukedima and Niuland are separate revenue / administrative districts, police stations under these two districts still functions under the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur. Therefore, those police stations are listed under the ‘police district’ Dimapur below.

S.No.Police DistrictPolice StationRemarks
1DimapurEast PS
2DimapurWest PS
3DimapurMedziphema PS
4DimapurGRPS PS
5DimapurSub-urban PS
6DimapurDiphupar PS
7DimapurNiuland PS
8DimapurWomen PS, DimapurWomen Police Station
9DimapurChumukedima PS
10DimapurSovima PS
11KiphireKiphire PS
12KiphirePungro PS
13KiphireWomen PS, KiphireWomen Police Station
14KohimaKohima North PS
15KohimaKohima South PS
16KohimaKhuzama PS
17KohimaChiephobozou PS
18KohimaSechu (Zubza) PS
19KohimaKezocha PS
20KohimaWomen PS, KohimaWomen Police Station
21KohimaState Crime PS PSState Level Police Station
22KohimaState Narcotic PS PSState Level Police Station
23KohimaCyber Crime PS PSState Level Police Station
24LonglengLongleng PS
25LonglengYanglok PS
26LonglengTamlu PS
27LonglengWomen PS, LonglengWomen Police Station
28MokokchungPS-I PS
29MokokchungTuli PS
30MokokchungPS - II PS
31MokokchungMangkolemba PS
32MokokchungChangtongya PS
33MokokchungKobulong PS
34MokokchungLongchem PS
35MokokchungLongtho PS
36MokokchungWomen PS, MokokchungWomen Police Station
37MonMon PS
38MonNagnimora PS
39MonTizit PS
40MonTobu PS
41MonAboi PS
42MonAngjangyang PS
43MonWomen PS, MonWomen Police Station
44NoklakNoklak PS
45NoklakPanso PS
46NoklakThonoknyu PS
47PerenPeren PS
48PerenJalukie PS
49PerenTening PS
50PerenAthibung PS
51PerenWomen PS, PerenWomen Police Station
52PhekPhek PS
53PhekPfutsero PS
54PhekMeluri PS
55PhekChozuba PS
56PhekChizami PS
57PhekKhezhakeno PS
58PhekWazeho PS
59PhekWomen PS, PhekWomen Police Station
60ShamatorShamator PS
61ShamatorChessore PS
62Tseminyu Tseminyu PS
63TuensangTuensang PS
64TuensangLongkhim PS
65TuensangNoksen PS
66TuensangWomen PS, TuensangWomen Police Station
67WokhaWokha PS
68WokhaBhandari PS
69WokhaSanis PS
70WokhaRalan PS
71WokhaSungro PS
72WokhaWomen PS, WokhaWomen Police Station
73WokhaChangpang PS
74ZunhebotoZunheboto PS
75ZunhebotoSathakha PS
76ZunhebotoAghunato PS
77ZunhebotoAkuluto PS
78ZunhebotoPughoboto PS
79ZunhebotoGhatashi PS
80ZunhebotoV.K. Town PS
81ZunhebotoSuruhuto PS
82ZunhebotoWomen PS, ZunhebotoWomen Police Station
83ZunhebotoAtoizu PS

District wise number of police stations in Nagaland 2023

  • District with the highest number of police stations in Nagaland: Zunheboto (10 police stations)
  • District with the least number of police stations in Nagaland: Tseminyu (1 police station)

District wise number of police stations in Nagaland

S.No District No. of Police Stations (as of August 2023)
1 Zunheboto 10
2 Dimapur 10 (Incl. 4 in Chumoukedima Dist. + 1 in Niuland Dist. – all functioning under Commissioner of Police, Dimapur
3 Mokokchung 9
4 Phek 8
5 Kohima 7
6 Wokha 7
7 Mon 7
8 Peren 5
9 Longleng 4
10 Tuensang 4
11 Kiphire 3
12 State Level PS 3
13 Noklak 3
14 Shamator 2
15 Tseminyu 1
Total 83 police stations



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