Basic Facts on Nagaland State Logo or Emblem

Basic facts on Nagaland State Logo or Emblem

Nagaland Government officially adopted new state logo on 15 August 2005.

nagaland state government logo

Replacing the Ashoka insignia, Nagaland Government officially adopted the a new state logo or emblem (above) on Independence Day on 15 August 2005. The new logo was used on the cover page of the Chief Minister’s Independence Day speech delivered at a Independence Day function held at the state civil secretariat ground.

The Emblem of Nagaland is the official seal of the Government of Nagaland. Besides Nagaland, other States also have their own State logos. The new logo or insignia was adopted by the Nagaland Government representing Naga ethos and identity.

The Nagaland State logo above was designed by local artist Merimvu Doulo.

  • Adopted: 2005
  • Blazon: Mithun bison
  • Motto: Unity
  • Logo Designer: Merimvu Doulo

Design: The shape of the emblem of Nagaland is a circular depicting a dark Mithun bison standing on a green hilly landscape in the middle. It has an outer ring in red background with the word “Unity” (motto) on top and the words “Government of Nagaland” at the bottom.

unity‘: represents the binding force and the “dreams and aspirations of the Nagas.”

mithun‘: represents health, wealth, strength, stability and prosperity,”


  • Red: Outer Ring, where the words UNITY and GOVERNMENT OF NAGALAND is inscribed.
  • Green: The hills in the middle on which the MIthun stands.
  • Black:  On the body of the Mithun.
  • White : background color