List of Chief Ministers of Nagaland

List of Chief Ministers of Nagaland since 1963

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S.NoNameConstituencyStart of office termEnd of Office TermPolitical PartyAssembly ElectionDays in officeTotal Days as CM
1P. Shilu AoImpur, Kohima01-Dec-6314-Aug-66Naga Nationalist OrganisationInterim + 1st NLA (1964 election) 2 years, 256 days
2T. N. Angami (Thepfülo-u Nakhro Angami )Western Angami, Kohima14-Aug-6622-Feb-69Naga Nationalist Organisation1st NLA (1964 election) 2 years, 192 days
3Hokishe SemaAkuluto, Zunheboto22-Feb-6926-Feb-74Naga Nationalist Organisation2nd NLA (1969 election) 5 years, 4 days
4Vizol AngamiSouthern Angami-II, Kohima26-Feb-7410-Mar-75United Democratic Front3rd NLA (1974 election) 1 year, 12 days
5John Bosco JasokieKohima Town, Kohima10-Mar-7520-Mar-75Naga National Democratic Party3rd NLA10 days
6Vacant(President’s rule)20-Mar-7525-Nov-77N/A2 years, 250 days
7Vizol AngamiSouthern Angami-II, Kohima25-Nov-7718-Apr-80United Democratic Front4th NLA (1977 election) 2 years, 145 days[Total : 3 years, 157 days] > Sr.No. 4+7
8S. C. JamirAonglenden, Mokokchung18-Apr-8005-Jun-80United Democratic Front—Progressive4th NLA48 days
9John Bosco JasokieKohima Town, Kohima05-Jun-8018-Nov-82Naga National Democratic Party4th NLA2 years, 166 days [Total : 2 years, 176 days] > Sr.No. 5+9
10S. C. JamirAonglenden, Mokokchung18-Nov-8228-Oct-86United Democratic Front—Progressive5th NLA (1982 election) 3 years, 344 days
11Hokishe SemaDimapur 129-Oct-8607-Aug-88Indian National Congress5th NLA / 6th NLA (1987 election) 1 year, 283 days [Total : 6years, 287 days] > Sr.No. 3 + 11
12Vacant(President’s rule)07-Aug-8825-Jan-89N/A171 days
13S. C. JamirMokokchung Town25-Jan-8910-May-90Indian National Congress7th NLA (1989 election) 1 year, 105 days
14K. L. ChishiAtoizu, Zunheboto16-May-9019-Jun-90Indian National Congress7th NLA34 days
15Vamuzo PhesaoChozuba, Phek19-Jun-9002-Apr-92Nagaland People’s Council7th NLA1 year, 288 days
16Vacant(President’s rule)02-Apr-9222-Feb-93N/A326 days
17S. C. JamirAonglenden, Mokokchung22-Feb-9306-Mar-03Indian National Congress8th NLA (1993 election), 9th NLA (1998 election) 10 years, 12 daysTotal :15 years,144 days
> 8+10+13+17
18Neiphiu RioNorthern Angami-II, Kohima06-Mar-0303-Jan-08Nagaland People’s Front10th NLA (2003 election) 4 years, 303 days
19Vacant(President’s rule)03-Jan-0812-Mar-08N/A69 days
20Neiphiu RioNorthern Angami-II, Kohima12-Mar-0824-May-14Nagaland People’s Front11th NLA (2008 election) /12th NLA (2013 election) 6 years, 73 days
21T. R. ZeliangPeren24-May-1422-Feb-17Nagaland People’s Front12th NLA2 years, 274 days
22Shurhozelie LiezietsuNorthern Angami-I, Kohima22-Feb-1719-Jul-17Nagaland People’s Front12th NLA147 days
23T. R. ZeliangPeren19-Jul-1708-Mar-18Nagaland People’s Front12th NLA232 days
24Neiphiu RioNorthern Angami-II, Kohima08-Mar-18 (13th)
07-Mar-23 (14th)
07-Mar-23 (13th)
Till Date (14th)
Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party13th NLA (2018 election),
14th NLA (2023 election)
5 years - 13th NLA
Incumbent - 14th NLA
Total: 16 years, 11 days > Sr.No. 18, 20, 24 excluding 14th NLA term ongoing
  • CM who served the longest in a single term:

    • P. Shilu Ao (Impur) from 01-Dec-63 to 14-Aug-66 (987 days).

  • CM who served the longest – multiple terms combined:

    • S.C. Jamir (four times – total days: 5625 days)


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