Rivers of Nagaland

The major rivers of Nagaland are Doyang, Dikhu, Dhansiri, Tizu, Milak, Dzu, Langlong, Zungki, Likimro, Lanye and Dzuza. There are other lesser known rivers in Nagaland such as Manglu, Tsurong, Nanung, Tsurang or Disai, Tsumok, Menung etc.

  • Rivers which flows westward and flows into Brahmaputra: Doyang (flows into Dhansiri), Dikhu, Dhansiri
  • Rivers which flows eastwards and flows into Chindwin river in Burma: Tizu river

Details of some major rivers in Nagaland are as given below:


  • Doyang river is the longest and the biggest river of Nagaland.
  • Doyang Hydroelectric Power Plant of capacity 75MW is built on the Doyang river. 
  • Doyang River originates from the Japfü Hill near the Southern slopes of Mao area in Manipur and moves south west direction passing through Kohima district and flows northward into Zunheboto and Wokha District.
  • Doyang river flows into Dhansiri in Sibsagar, District of Assam, which finally drains into Brahmaputra.
  • The main tributaries of Doyang river are:
    • Chubi River which flows from Mokokchung area
    • Nzhu River originated from Nerhema area of Kohima district and flows through Miphong in Tseminyu area
    • Tsui, Tullo and Tishi are also other minor tributaries of Doyang river.
  • Doyang river originates from Angami area and is called Dzu or Dzulu.
  • Doyang River forms a natural boundary line between the Lotha area (Wokha district) and the Sema area (Zunheboto district).

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  • Dikhu river originates from Nuroto Hill area in Zunheboto district.
  • Dikhu river flows across the Mokokchung and the Longleng districts.
  • Dikhu river forms a boundary between Mokokchung and Tuensangf district.
  • Main tributaries of Dikhu river are: Yangyu of Tuensang district and Nanung in the Langpangkong range in Mokokchung district.
  • Dikhu River is one of the tributaries of (flows into) Brahmaputra river.


  • Dhansiri river originates from Laisang peak of Nagaland.
  • Dhansiri flows through the south-western part of the state through Rangapahar-Dimapur Plains of Dimapur District.
  • Main tributaries are river Dzuza river and Diphu river.
  • Dhansiri river also flows into Brahmaputra.
  • Dhansiri river forms a boundary between Karbi Anglong (Assam) and Nagaland.
  • Two important areas – the Dhansiri Reserved Forest and Intanki National Park are located on each side of the Dhansiri river.


  • Tizu River runs through a north-east direction and flows through Zunheboto and Phek districts of Nagaland.
  • Tizu River flows into the Chindwin River of Myanmar (Burma).
  • Main tributaries of Tizu River are: Zunki, Lanye, and Likimro river. Zunki River joins Tizu river below Kiphire.


  • Milak river flows through Mokokchung District.
  • Main tributary of Milak river is Tsurong.


zungki river nagaland
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  • Zungki River is the biggest tributary of (flows into) Tizu river.
  • Zunki river originates from the north-eastern part of Changdong forest in the south of Teku and flows in south towards Noklak, Shamator and Kiphire and finally joins Tizu below Kiphire.


  • Originates from areas near Medziphema / Chumukedima areas of Dimapur
  • Flows into Dhansiri River
  • Chathe river forms boundary between Nagaland and Assam


  • Originates from Mon dsitrict


  • Formed from small streams near Mao Gate and Pfutsero areas.


  • Rusoma village and Kijumetouma village, in Kohima.


  • Miki river is also called the “River of salt” located at at Sangphure village, Kiphire.
  • The Sangphure villagers prepare salt cakes from the water.
  • Note: In some sources, the river name is also spelled “Mikhi”.


Locations of some rivers of Nagaland on map:

Find the locations of rivers of Nagaland on map. The markers indicate location of the rivers of Nagaland mentioned above with approximate location of the rivers.

Click on the markers to know the name of the rivers. For illustration only.



Milak, Dikhu, Menung and Tzurong are the major rivers of Mokokchung District. [NPSC Prelims 2019]