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List of Festivals of Naga Tribes of Nagaland

List of Festivals of Naga Tribes of Nagaland with dates. The term “Naga” is a general term used to describe a collection of multiple tribes inhabiting primarily Nagaland, parts of North East India and Myanmar. Though closely similar, each tribe has their own distinct dialects, and variations in food habits, cultural and traditional practices.

There are primarily 16 tribes in Nagaland. Nagaland is known as the ‘Land of Festivals‘ and rightly so, since there are festivals all throughout the year. Each Naga tribe has their own unique and indigenous festivals. The occupation of the Nagas is mainly agricultural. The festivals of Naga tribes are mostly based on their simple ways of life,  thanksgiving for the blessings of nature and merry-making.

List of Festivals of Naga Tribes of Nagaland

AngamiSekrenyiFebruary 25th
AoMoatsuMay 1st Week
ChakhesangSükrünyeJanuary 15th
ChakhesangTsükhenyeApril 24th
ChangNaknyulemJuly 13th
KachariBushuJanuary 27th
KhiamniunganTsokümOctober 1st Week
KonyakAoleang MonyuApril 1st to 3rd
KukiMimkutJanuary 17th
KukiChavang KutNovember 1
LothaTokhu EmongNovemebr 7th
PhomMonyuApril 1st Week
PochuryYemsheOctober 1st Week
RengmaNgadaNovember Last Week
SangtamMongmongSeptember 1st Week
SumiTuluniJuly 8th
YimchungrüMedümneo / MetemniuAugust 4th to 8th
ZeliangHegaFebruary 10-15
ChangPaong LumJanuary 13th
KhiamniunganBiamAugust 7th
KhiamniunganMiuMay 5th
YimchungerTsungkamneo January 16
SangtamHunapongpi Mid August
AoTsungremong First week of August
SumiAhunaNovember 2nd Week
AngamiTerhuniDecember 9th
GaroWangalaNovember 1st

Hornbill Festival

Hornbill Festival is not a festival of a particular Naga tribe. However, being a popular festival in Nagaland, it is included here.

Hornbill is organized by Nagaland State Government. It started in the year 2000 and is now held every year from 1st December. The Hornbill Festival is normally celebrated for 10 days starting from 1st December. It is a festival where all Naga tribes partake and where visitors can witness mélange of cultural displays from all Naga tribes under one roof, an opportunity to experience the food, songs, dances and customs of Nagaland. The aim of the festival is to revive and protect the rich culture of Nagaland and display its extravaganza and traditions.

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