Forest Types of Nagaland

Forest Types of Nagaland

Nagaland is endowed with a wide variety of forest types. This is due to the variation in elevation which ranges from a few hundred meters up to about four thousand meters.

forest types of nagaland
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The following are the forest types found in Nagaland:

(i) Northern Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests

  • It is found only in Mon District.
  • These forests were once found abundant in Namsa- Tizit area but now only a small vestige is found in the Zankam area.
  • The dominant species found in this forest are Hollong (Dipterocarpus macrocarpus), Makai ( Shorea assamica), Nahor ( Mesua ferae ) etc.

(ii) Northern Tropical Semi Evergreen Forests

  • This type of forests are found in the foothills of Assam-Nagaland border in Mokokchung, Wokha and Kohima Districts.
  • Deciduous species like Bhelu, Paroli, Jutuli etc. dominate this type of forest.
  • In this type of forest, the species found in Northern Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests area also found but deciduous species are more dominant.

(iii) Northern Sub-tropical Broad Leaved Wet Hill Forests

  • This type of forests are found in the hill areas with elevation between 500 m – 1800 m in all the districts of Nagaland.
  • Dominant species are mostly semi-deciduous. Some of the important timber species in this type are – Koroi, Pomas, Sopas, Gamari, Gogra, Khokan, Hollok, Sam, Am, Badam, Betula etc.

(iv) Northern Sub-tropical Pine Forests

  • This types of forests are found in hill elevation of 1000 meters to 1500 meters in parts of Phek and Tuensang Districts of Nagaland.
  • Pine is the dominant species along with other species such as Quercus, Schima, Prunus, Betula and Rhododendron.

(v) Northern Montane Wet- temperate Forests

  • This type of forests are found on the higher reaches of the tallest mountains in Nagaland above 2000 meters in – Japfu, Saramati, Satoi, Chentang ranges.
  • The species are typically evergreen with Quercus, Michelia, Magnolia, Prunus, Schima, Alnus and Betula.

(vi) Temperate Forests

  • This type of forests are found in peaks of the tallest mountains above 2500 meters like Saramati and Dzukou area.
  • The species that dominate are Rhododendron, Patches of Juniperus coxie and Birch.