Naga insurgents surrender to the then Nagaland governor BK Nehru in 1973 (Credit: PIB)

Chronology of Naga Political Developments – Part One

Chronology of Naga Political Developments – Part One

1826: The British annexed Assam in 1826.

1832– First contact between the British and the Nagas when Captain Jenkins and Lieutenant Pemberton escorted by Raja Gumbeer Singh‘s Manipur troops forced a passage through the Naga areas for a strategic survey of road communication between Assam and Manipur.

  • (January: Captain Francis Jerkins and RB Pemperton with 700 Manipuri troops and 800 coolies marched through Mao and Angami villages from Imphal to reach Assam).

1866: Creation of Naga Hills district

  • The Naga Hills district was created in 1866 by the Government of British India and Naga Hills became a district of Assam Province with its headquarters at Samaguting (present day Chumukedima).
  • The first police outpost was established in the Naga Hills at Samaguting in 1866, which was later shifted to Kohima in 1888.

1918 – Formation of Naga Club

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History #1 – The Naga People

The Nagas

‘Naga’ is a generic term which comprises various tribes. The Naga people are various ethnic groups associated to the present North Eastern part of India and northwestern Myanmar. The tribes have similar cultures and traditions, and form the majority of population in the Indian state of Nagaland and Naga Self-Administered Zone of Myanmar; with significant populations in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam in India; Sagaing Division and Kachin State in Myanmar.

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