List of the firsts – Nagaland

A list of the firsts of/in Nagaland in various fields and trades.


  1. First contact with the British : 1832
  2. The first administrative headquarter established by the British in Naga Hills: Samaguting (present day Chumukedima)
  3. The first police outpost was established in the Naga Hills at Samaguting in 1866.
    The police outpost was later shifted to Kohima in 1888, and later upgraded to Police station in 1933.
  4. First Political Officer to Naga Hills: G.H. Damant (Kohima, 14 Nov 1878)
  5. First Police Station established in the Naga Hills: 1933, at Kohima (at the present day North PS).
    First Officer-in-Charge of police station in Naga Hills: Sub-Inspector I. Chetia


  1. First Chairman of the Interim body: Imkongliba Ao
  2. First President of NNC: T. Aliba Imti (1946)
  3. First Naga People’s Convention: 22nd-26th Aug,1957, Kohima
  4. First Chairman of Naga People’s Convention: Dr. Imkongliba Ao
  5. First Political ’Martyr in the Naga Independence Struggle: Zasibito Nagi
  6. First president of the Women’s Federation, Naga National Council: Rano M. Shaiza
  7. First Superintendent of Police (SP) Office in Naga Hills District : SP Office Kohima, on 28 December 1953
  8. First Superintendent of Police: Shri. Kumar Randip Singh, IPS, SP Kohima posted on 28th December 1953.
  9. First police station: Kohima North Police Station, 1933


  1. First Chief Minister of Nagaland: P Shilu Ao
  2. First Governor of Nagaland: Vishnu Sahay (1963)
  3. First Chief Secretary of Nagaland: U N Sharma
  4. First Speaker of Nagaland: T N Angami (5 March 1964)
  5. First Deputy Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly: K.Shikhu Sema (5 March 1964)
  6. First Secretary of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly: H. Zopianga
  7. First MP from Nagaland: Melhupra Vero (1964)
  8. First Rajya Sabha MP from Nagaland: Melhupra Vero (1964)
  9. First Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland: S C Jamir (1967)
  10. First woman Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland: Rano M. Shaiza (1977)
  11. First woman Rajya Sabha MP from Nagaland: S Phangnon Konyak (2022)
  12. First Naga Woman President of the United Democratic Party, Nagaland:  Rano M. Shaiza
  13. First Naga to be appointed as Governor of an Indian State: Hokishe Sema (April 1983)
  14. First Naga Woman to be Chairman of a Village Council (2005): Tokheli Kikon, Naharbari Village, Dimapur
  15. First Lokayukta of Nagaland: Justice Uma Nath Singh (2019)
  16. First Upa-Lokayukta of Nagaland: Mayang Lima, Principal District & Session Judge (Retd)
  17. First General State Election conducted (46 seats): 10th-16th Jan, 1964
  18. First Nagaland Legislative Council constituted: Feb,1964
  19. Longest serving Chief Minister of NagalandNeiphiu Rio
  20. The first Naga woman cabinet minister : Salhoutuonuo Kruse (NDPP) / 2023 / 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly
  21. First time woman MLA elected: 2023 / 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly


  1. First Naga officer: A. Kevichusa
    • Recipient of Member of British Empire (MBE)
  2. First Naga to be a magistrate of British India: A. Kevichusa
  3. First Naga IAS Officer: A. Kevichusa (1954)
  4. First Naga Woman IFS (Indian Foreign Service) officer: Neichulieu Nikki Haralu
  5. First Naga to serve as an Indian ambassador: Ms. Neichulieu Nikki Haralu , (Retd) IFS
    • Served as Ambassador to Panama from June 1978 to July 1980 with additional charge of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
  6. First Inspector General (IGP) of Nagaland Police: Shri K. J. Nanavaty in 1863 (Served from 01.03.1963 – 19.02.1966)
  7. First Director General (DGP) of Nagaland Police: Shri. K.K. Zutshi, in 1987 (Served from 11.09.1987 – 30.10.1990)
  8. First Nagaland Armed Police battalion established: 1st NAP Battalion – Chumukedima (1964)
  9. First Director of Health Services in Nagaland (1963): Lt. Col. S.M.Das
  10. First Chairman of Nagaland Public Service Commission: Shri K. Sachidanandam (03.03.66 to 23.02.67)
  11. First Naga woman IAS officer : Banuo Z. Jamir (1977)
  12. First Naga Supreme Court Judge: Hon’ble Mr. Justice H.K. Sema (appointed on 9th April, 2002)
  13. First Naga lady IPS Officer: Amongla Aier (2006)
  14. First Naga woman member of Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC): Dr. P. Kilemsungla (01.02.2007 to12.09.2012, and performed as Acting Chairman from 13.09.12 to 31.01.2013)
  15. First Woman Chief Secretary of Nagaland: Banuo Z Jamir (2014)
  16. First Naga or the first Naga Woman Member of the UPSC: Dr. P. Kilemsungla (2015)
  17. First Transport service inaugurated in Nagaland: Kohima-Dimapur, 1965 (Nagaland State Transport Estd. December 1964)
  18. First Women Police Station in Nagaland: Women Police Station, Kohima (October 19, 2016)
  19. The first Police Commissionerate in Nagaland: Dimapur Police Commissionerate (April 2015)
  20. The first Commissioner of Police in Nagaland: Shri Liremo Tsopoe Lotha, IPS (April 2015)
  21. First railway station in Nagaland: Dimapur Railway Station, 1903
  22. First Deputy Commissioner of Tseminyu district: Dr. Zasekoulie Chusi, IAS. (Jan, 2022)
  23. First Superintendent of Police of Tseminyu district: Kanchan Kandpal Kumar, IPS (Jan, 2022)
  24. First Deputy Commissioner of Niuland district: Ajit Kumar Verma, IAS.
  25. First Deputy Commissioner of Chümoukedima district: Abhinav Shivam, IAS (2021)
  26. First Deputy Commissioner of Shamator district: Thsüvisie Phoji (2022)
  27. First Superintendent of Police of Shamator district: Amit Kumar, IPS (2022)


  1. First Naga matriculate (passed class 10): Neilhouzhu Kire (1918, Shillong GHS)
  2. First Naga Graduate (BA): A. Kevichusa (1924)
    • Also the Second Naga matriculate: A. Kevichusa
  3. Second Naga graduate(BA): Lt. Lhoulienyu.
  4. Third Naga Graduate: Lt. Mayangnokcha (1927)
    • The first graduate amongst the Ao tribe.
  5. First Naga lady graduate: Rusokhrienyu Sakhrie or Mrs. R.S. Lungalung, BA in 1939
  6. First Naga graduate in science stream (PCM): Mr. L. Lungalung
  7. First Naga medical doctor : Dr. Harielungbe Haralu

    • Licentiate in Medical Practice (LMP) in early 1911.
  8. First Naga lady doctor: Dr. Khrielieü Kire

    • Licentiate Medicine Surgery (LMS), Women’s Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab
  9. First Naga MBBS: Dr. Talimeren Ao, 1950
    • MBBS from Carmichael Medical College, Kolkata and retired as Director of Health Services Nagaland in 1978.
  10. The first Naga Dental Surgeon / Dentist from Nagaland: Dr Tsenchamo Murry
    • Graduated from Madras Dental College in the year 1973, joined Nagaland state service in the year 1974
  11. First School of Engineering in the State of Nagaland: Nagaland University’s School of Engineering & Technology, established in 2007 at D.C. Court Junction, Dimapur, Nagaland.
  12. First Autonomous College in the North East / Nagaland: Patkai Christian College (Estd: 1974), Dimapur, Nagaland
  13. First American Baptist missionary to start a school in Kohima: Mr. C.D. King
  14. The first Naga Nuclear Scientist: Chireuding Zeliang
  15. First Naga Post-Graduate: Mr. Sashimeren Aier
  16. First Naga Doctorate (Ph.D): Dr. Vichazelhu Iralu
    • He later served as Professor and HoD of Microbiology and Public Health at the Philadelphia College, Pennsylvania (USA).
  17. First Naga lady to passed Bachelor of Divinity (B.D): Mrs. Khrieleno Terhüja, Union Theological College, Bangalore in 1966.


  1. First Naga to be receive a Padma Award: Shri.Thepfürüya Haralu (T Haralu), 1964, Padma Shri Award for “Civil Service”.
  2. First Naga recipients of Padma Shri Award: Shri.Thepfürüya Haralu (T Haralu), 1964, for “Civil Service”.
  3. First Naga recipients of Padma Bhushan Award: Ms. Rani Gaidinliu | Year: 1982 | Field: Social Work
  4. First recipient of KING SCOUT from Nagaland: Samuel Mezhur Sekhose
  5. First Naga (and only Indian) to be awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM): Samuel Mezhur Sekhose
  6. First Naga or Naga Woman to conquer Mount Everest: Major (Dr.) Neikhrietuonuo Ginuo Linyu (25 May 2012)
  7. First Green Village in India: Khonoma Village, Kohima District


1948-football-team with Talimeren Ao
Dr.T.Ao(front-middle) along with the Indian Football team
  1. First Naga Olympian: Dr. Talimeren Ao (Football | 1948 Olympics at London )
  2. First Naga Woman (or second Naga) Olympian: Chekrovolu Swuro (Archery )
  3. First Naga to captain a football team (India): Dr. Talimeren Ao
  4. Independent India’s First Football Captain: Dr. Talimeren Ao
  5. First Naga First Class Cricketer: Hokaito Zhimomi
  6. First Naga to play IPL Cricket: Hokaito Zhimomi
  7. The First Naga sportsman to represent India at the Asian Games for “Sepak Takraw” : Viseyie Koso (China,  2010)
  8. First Naga cricketer to score a century in first-class cricket: Rongsen Jonathan (Ranji Trophy 2018-2019)
  9. First footballer from Nagaland to be signed by an Indian Super League (ISL) club: Kivi Zhimomi, North East United FC (2018)
  10. First Naga to join an European football club: Ratobe Poireng, Lilla Torg FF in Sweden (August 2019).
  11. First athlete from Nagaland in the discipline of bodybuilding and physique sports to represent India: Moalong Yaden (2021).
    1. He secured the fifth place at the 12th edition of World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship 2021 held during October 2021 at Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.


  1. First Naga to be baptized: Hubi (12th September 1847 – Source: NBCC History)
  2. First Missionary to Nagaland: E W Clark (1869)
  3. First American Baptist Mission in Naga Hills: Molungyimsen village in 1876 by Rev. E. W. Clark.
  4. First Baptist missionary to the Nagas: Reverend Miles Bronson
  5. First Evangelist to the Nagas: Godhula
  6. First Church established in Naga soil: Molungkimong (by E.W.Clark in 1872)
  7. First Naga tribe to embrace Christianity: Ao
  8. First Naga Baptist Church in USA: Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Texas, US (officially inaugurated on 11 August 2019)
  9. The most Baptist state in the world: Nagaland


  1. First daily Engligh Newspaper of Nagaland: Nagaland Post
  2. First Newspaper in Nagaland to be published in multi-colour: Nagaland Post
  3. First Mobile Service launched in Nagaland: BSNL, 2003. Launched by Atal Bihari Vajpayee at Kohima
  4. Nagaland’s first satellite television network: Hornbill TV


  1. First Naga novelist to write in English: Easterine Kire
  2. First Naga pilot: Vizol Angami (Indian Air Force during World War II)
  3. First Woman Pilot from Naga Tribe: Roveinai Poumai (from Manipur)
  4. First girl of NCC Nagaland to fly a sortie: Cdt Senchumbeni
  5. First woman doctor among the Sumi Tribe: Dr Toshevi Keditsu Sema ( MBBS, Gauhati Medical College in 1977 )
  6. First Miss NagalandToshirenla Ao (1981)
  7. The First Transgender Model from Nagaland : Kenny Awomi (Read More)


  1. The First Naga (Woman) Bollywood Film Producer: Rebecca Changkija
  2. First Hornbill festival: 2000, Kohima.
  3. First YouTube Channel from Nagaland to cross 100,000 subscribers: Dreamz Unlimited (August 5, 2018)
  4. First from Nagaland to get YouTube’s Silver Creator Award: Dreamz Unlimited (2019)
  5. First Virtual Reality (VR) Lounge launched in Nagaland at: The Hammock Resort, Wokha (22 April 2019)


  1. First official census in Naga Hills: 1891
  2. First census covering the entire area of Naga Hills district: 1961
  3. First census of Nagaland State: 1971
    • successive censuses have been held in 1981, 1991 and 2001

[Source: UNDP Human Development Report Nagaland 2008, p.18]


  1. First in North East to get level 2 food laboratory: Nagaland Food Laboratory
  2. First Mini Gene Bank: State Agriculture Research Station (SARS) Yisemyong, Mokokchung , inaugurated on May 24, 2019.
  3. First in Nagaland to introduce Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC): District Hospital Kiphire
  4. First COVID-19 / bio-safety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory in Nagaland: Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK), 2020


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