List of Districts in Nagaland – Area, Population, Density, Literacy (Census 2011)

Nagaland is a state in northeast India. Nagaland became the 16th state of India on 1st  December 1963. Nagaland State was formed from the erstwhile Naga Hills Tuensang Area (NHTA). Nagaland was formed with three districts, namely Kohima, Mokokchung and Tuensang. According to the 2011 Census, there were 11 district in Nagaland. And as of 2022, there are 16 districts in Nagaland.

  • Total area of Nagaland State is  16,579 Sq Km.
  • The population of Nagaland state is 19,78,502.
  • 71.14% of the population live in rural areas.
  • The density of population is 119 per 

List of Districts in Nagaland – Area, Population, Density, Literacy (Census 2011)

#DistrictYear FormedArea (Sq.KM)Population(2011)Density(2011)Sex Ratio(2011)Literacy(2011)

Largest & Smallest District in Nagaland by Area (Census 2011)

  • Largest District by Area:  Tuensang (2536 sq. km) *
  • Smallest District by Area:  Longleng (562 sq. km)

*The above data is as per Census 2011. Since there are several districts carved out of the erstwhile Tuensang district, the area of Tuensang district would be reduced as of 2022. Likewise for other parameters such as population, density, etc.

Largest & Smallest District in Nagaland by Population (Census 2011)

  • Largest District by Population:  Dimapur (3,78,811 persons)
  • Smallest District by Population:  Longleng (50,484 persons)

Nagaland District with Highest and Lowest Population Density (Census 2011)

  • District with highest Population Density: Dimapur (409 persons per sq. km)
  • District with lowest Population Density: Peren ( 58 persons per sq. km)

Nagaland District with Highest & Lowest Literacy rate (Census 2011)

  • District with highest Literacy : Mokokchung (91.62%)
  • District with lowest Literacy : Mon (56.99%)

Nagaland District with Highest & Lowest Sex Ratio (Census 2011)

  • District with highest Sex Ratio: Zunheboto (976 females per 1000 males)
  • District with lowest Sex Ratio: Mon (899 females per 1000 males)

As of 2022, there are 16 districts in Nagaland.

S.No District Year Formed
1 Kohima 1957
2 Tuensang 1957
3 Mokokchung 1957
4 Mon 1973 (carved out of Tuensang)
5 Wokha 1973(carved out of Mokokchung )
6 Phek 1973 (carved out of Kohima)
7 Zunheboto 1973 (carved out of Mokokchung )
8 Dimapur 1997 (carved out of Kohima)
9 Peren 2004 (carved out of Kohima)
10 Kiphire 2004 (carved out of Tuensang)
11 Longleng 2004 (carved out of Tuensang)
12 Noklak 2020 (carved out of Tuensang)
13 Tseminyu 2021 (carved out of Kohima)
14 Niuland 2021 (carved out of Dimapur)
15 Chumoukedima 2021 (carved out of Dimapur)
16 Shamator 2022 (carved out of Tuensang)


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