List of Miss Nagaland Winners

List of Miss Nagaland Winners

The First Miss Nagaland!

As per media news reports, the first Miss Nagaland is reportedly Toshirenla Ao (1981).

The beauty pageant was reportedly organized by Government registered NGO- Nagaland Youth Gymnastic Club in 1981.

First Miss Nagaland (1981) and Runners Up (Credit: morungexpress )

List of Miss Nagaland Beauty Queens

[ from 1989 onward in reverse chronological order]

Miss Nagaland 2023 – Neiketuno Sechü

Credit: Miss Nagaland Official
  • Miss Nagaland 2023 – Neiketuno Sechü (19)
    • Miss Nagaland 2023 Neiketuno Sechü is also the reigning Miss Chümoukedima 2023.
    • She hails Rüzaphema, Chumoukedima.
  • 1st Runner Up: Vimgha Sheqi (20)
  • 2nd Runner Up:Ilihika Aye (19)
  • Other subtitle winners included: Miss Perfect Ten (Neiketuno Sechü), Miss Multi Media (Vimgha Sheqi), Miss Beautiful Skin (Keziah Mero), Miss Beautiful Smile (Tsiawavi Nyuwi), Miss Talent (Flora Kent), Miss Photogenic (Ilihika Aye) and Queen of Hearts (Katienla P Longchar).


Miss Nagaland 2022 – Hikali Achumi

  • Miss Nagaland 2022 – Hikali Achumi (23 years) from Zunheboto district.
  • 1st Runner Up: Kenei Ritse (19) of Phek district
  • 2nd Runner Up: Jentiren Jamir (21) from Mokokchung district

Other subtitle winners of the Miss Nagaland 2022 contest include:

  • Miss Talent- Ketouü Pfüsenuo (Kohima),
  • Miss Photogenic – Kenei Ritse (Phek),
  • Miss Perfect 10 – Chochoi Lhoujem (Dimapur),
  • Queen of Hearts – Linovi P Kiba (Zunheboto),
  • Miss Beautiful Skin – Jentiren Jamir (Mokokchung) and
  • Miss Beautiful Smile – Hikali Achumi (Zunheboto).

Miss Nagaland 2021 – Miss Kawimaningsiliu Mharoni Khüvüng

  • Miss Nagaland 2021 – Miss Kawimaningsiliu Mharoni Khüvüng (21 years ) from Peren district.
  • She also won the sub-title ‘Queen of Hearts.’
  • 1st Runner Up: Lika Chophy from Zunheboto district
  • 2nd Runner Up: Lovi Awomi from Dimapur district


Miss Nagaland 2020: None

  • Miss Nagaland 2020 was not held due to Covid-19 pandemic.


Miss Nagaland 2019: Vikuonuo Sachü

  • 1st Runner Up: Imnasangla Ao
  • 2nd Runner Up: Viphrotsüno Kehie
  • Brief Particulars of Mewetsho-ü Dianu:
    • Age at the time of winning Miss Nagaland 2019: 18 years
    • 2nd runner-up of Miss Kohima 2019

Miss Nagaland 2018: Mewetsho-ü Dianu

  • 1st Runner Up: Grace W. Ezung (Wokha)
  • 2nd Runner Up: Bendangkokla (Mokokchung )
  • Brief Particulars of Mewetsho-ü Dianu:
    • From Phek
    • Born: 1998. Age at the time of winning Miss Nagaland 2018 : 20years
    • Also won the title of Miss Perfect 10 at Miss Nagaland 2018 Pageant.
miss nagaland 2018
Miss Nagaland 2018: Mewetsho-ü Dianu (Middle)

Miss Nagaland 2017: Marina Kiho

  • 1st runner up: Ruopfüzhanuo Whiso (Kohima)
  • 2nd runner-up: Pewe-ü Tunyi (Phek)
  • Brief Particulars of Marina Kiho:
    • From Dimapur
    • Born: 1997
    • Winner – Femina Miss India Nagaland 2019
    • Represented Nagaland in the Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019, and won the subtitle of ‘Cox and Kings Miss Getaway Goddess 2019.’

Miss Nagaland 2016: Vilokali Zhimomi

Miss Nagaland 2016: Vilokali Zhimomi (Middle)
  • 1st runner up: Chuchang
  • 2nd runner-up: Shenili Chishi
  • Sub-Title Winners at the same pageant:
    • Miss Talent: Chuichang
    • Miss Congeniality: Ngapkhao Konyak.
    • Miss Photogenic: Vilokali Zhimomi
    • Miss Perfect-10: Vilokali Zhimomi
  • Brief Particulars of Vilokali Zhimomi:
    • From Dimapur
    • Born 199. Age at the time of winning Miss Nagaland 2016: 19 years
    • Crowned Miss Sumi, 2016

Miss Nagaland 2015: Nenghoilhing Hangsing

  • 1st runner up Alica Zhimomi
  • 2nd runner up Yangerjungla Pongen
  • Other titles won: Miss Photogenic: Nenghoilhing

Miss Nagaland 2014: Veineinem Singson

  • 1st runner up Kaheli Chophy
  • 2nd runner up Muluvesalu Keyho.
  • Brief Particulars of Veineinem Singson:
    • Born 1992.
    • Age at the time of winning Miss Nagaland 2014: 22 years
    • Other titles won:
      • Miss Mimkut 2014, Sub-Title: Miss Congeniality;
      • Miss Dimapur 2014, Sub-Title: Miss Most Popular
      • Miss North-East Jewel Queen 2016
      • Miss Queen of India East 2016

Miss Nagaland 2013: Benjongmenla Jamir

  • 1st Runner Up: Abeny Khuvung (Wokha)
  • 2nd Runner Up: Shurhoseno Yano (Kohima)
  • Brief Particulars of Benjongmenla Jamir:
    • From Dimapur.
    • Born: 1993. Age at the time of winning Miss Nagaland 2013: 20 years
    • Other Titles won during Miss Nagaland 2013: Miss Perfect 10

Miss Nagaland 2012: Imlibenla Jamir

  • 1st Runner Up Dovine Venuh
  • 2nd Runner Up Semersungla
  • Brief Particulars of Imlibenla Jamir:
    • Imlibenla Jamir also won ‘Miss Perfect 10’ and ‘Readers Choice’ sub-titles during Miss Nagaland 2012.
    • From Mokokchung
    • Born: 1995. Age at the time of winning Miss Nagaland 2012: 17 years (youngest title holder till then).
    • Runner Up, Miss Super-talent of the World 2016
    • 1st Runner Up : Miss World Beauty India 2015
    • 1st Runner Up : Miss India Elite 2015

Miss Nagaland 2011: Vetolu Dawhuo

  • 1st Runner Up Imnuksungla
  • 2nd Runner Up Wankam Konyak

Miss Nagaland 2010: Hattinneng Hangsing

  • 1st Runner Up: Virieno Zakiesato
  • 2nd Runner Up: Tsukoli Kinimi

Miss Nagaland 2009: Esther Natso

Miss Nagaland 2008: Abin Kuki

  • 1st Runner Up: Nyeie Leinak Phom
  • 2nd Runner Up: Chumlano Kikon

Miss Nagaland 2007: Imsulemla Aier

Miss Nagaland 2006: Akumnaro

  • Also won the title ‘Viewers Choice Award’ during Miss Nagaland 2006 contest.
  • 2nd Runner Up in Miss North East 2009,  Won title: Miss Confident.

Miss Nagaland 2005: Tiarenla

Miss Nagaland 2004: Regina Rongmei

Miss Nagaland 2003: Sentila Pongen

  • Second Runners-Up in Miss Northeast 2004 and winner of subtitle Miss Beautiful Skin.

Miss Nagaland 2002: Bendangrenla

Miss Nagaland 2001: Hotoli Swu

Miss Nagaland 2000: Akuonuo Khezie

Miss Nagaland 1999: Caroline Sumi

Miss Nagaland 1998: Tokatoli Sohe

Miss Nagaland 1997: Vesakhulu

Miss Nagaland 1996: Ellen Konyak

Miss Nagaland 1995: Adule Mero

  • Finalist in Miss North East in the year 1996.

Miss Nagaland 1994: Margaret Rongmei

Miss Nagaland 1993: Imtisangla

  • Won Best Traditional Attire and Beautiful Skin In Miss North East in 1995.

Miss Nagaland 1992: Rachel Imchen

Miss Nagaland 1991: Lipono

Miss Nagaland 1990: Anjuna Sahi

Miss Nagaland 1989 : Lipokla

  • Also 2nd Runner Up in Miss North East 1989


Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland

Miss Nagaland Beauty Pageants are organized by “Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland (BASN)“. BASN is as a non-profit organization with the Government of Nagaland in the year 1991 with its head office in Kohima, Nagaland. BASN has been organizing the annual Miss Nagaland pageant since 1989, providing a platform, opening avenues for the contestants, models and performers. BASN celebrated 24 years of existence in the year 2013.


  1. Miss Nagaland Event: Beauty with a Purpose Celebrating 24 years of the Crown



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