Books and Writers from Nagaland

In this post, we shall see some Books and Writers from Nagaland and also books written on the Nagas by others.

List of books by Writers from Nagaland

Books by Easterine Kire

Easterine Kire is a poet, novelist, and writer of children’s books from Nagaland. She has a Ph.D in English literature from the University of Pune. Her poetry and books have been translated to German, Croatian, Uzbek, Norwegian and Nepali. Some of her books includes:

Awards and recognition:

  • In 2011, Easterine Kire was awarded the Governor’s Medal for excellence in Naga literature.
  • She was awarded the “Free Voice Award” by Catalan PEN Barcelona in 2013.
  • Winner of The Hindu Literary Prize in 2015.
  • Awarded Bal Sahitya Puraskar by Sahitya Akademy in 2018.

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Books by Temsula Ao

Dr. Temsula Ao is a poet, short story writer and ethnographer. She is a retired Professor of English in North Eastern Hill University (NEHU).

  • Poetry: “Songs that Tell” (1988)
  • Poetry: “Songs that Try to Say” (1992)
  • Poetry: “Songs of Many Moods” (1995)
  • The Ao Naga Oral Tradition (1999)
  • Poetry: “Songs from Here and There” (2003)
  • “These Hills Called Home: Stories from the War Zone” (2005)
  • Poetry: “Songs From The Other Life” (2007)
  • Laburnum for my Head” (2009) – Awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2013
  • On Being a Naga” (2014)
  • “Once Upon a Life” (2014)
  • “Aosenla′s Story” (2018)

Awards and recognition:

  • Padma Shri Award for Literature and Education in 2007
  • Governor’s Gold Medal, 2009
  • Awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award (India’s National Academy of Literature) for her short story collection, “Laburnum for My Head” in 2013.
  • Kusumagjaj National Literature Award 2015 (for poetry)

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Books by S.C.Jamir

Dr.S.C.Jamir is a veteran politician from Nagaland. He is the first Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland. He is also the former Chief Minister of Nagaland (five-times), Governor of Maharashtra, Governor of Gujarat, Governor of Goa and Governor of Odisha

  • Naga People’s Convention and 16 Point Agreement
  • 50 Years and Beyond
  • A Naga’s Quest For Fulfillment (2016)
  • Agony of Nagaland (NA)
  • Bedrock of Naga Society (2020)

    Books by Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham Lotha

    Awards and recognition:

    • In 2019, Abraham Lotha was awarded the Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature in the Non-Fiction category for his book, “The Hornbill Spirit: Nagas Living Their Nationalism”.

    Books by Charles Chasie

    Charles Chasie is an author and independent researcher, former editor/journalist.

    Awards and recognition:

    • 17th Governor’s Award 2019 in Arts, Music and Literature.

    Explore more books written by Naga Authors in the table below.

    You can use sort and search to find by book title or author name.

    Book TitlePub.YearAuthor(s)Awards / RemarksLink
    History of Christianity in Nagaland 1998 A. Bendangyabang Ao
    The Traditional Tribal World View and Modernity1995A. Wati Longchar
    Traditional Tribal Religions in N-E India2000A. Wati Longchar
    No More Guns! People Struggle for Justice2000A. Wati Longchar
    Asian Handbook for Theological Education and Ecumenism2018A. Wati Longchar
    The Fate of the Naga People: An Appeal to the World 1960 A.Z.Phizo
    Souls and Bamboo Aolemba
    Nagas Struggle against British Rule under Janonang and Rani Gaidiliu 1973 Asoso Yonou
    Mainstreaming Women Banuo Z. Jamir
    Glimpses of Naga History 1993 Bendangangshi
    The Religion of Ao Nagas 1997 Bendangangshi, I.T.Lipok Aier
    Confessing Christ in the Naga Context: Towards a Liberating Ecclesiology 2011 Bendangjungchi
    Bearing Witness2011Charles Chasie
    The State Strikes Back: India and the Naga Insurgency2009Charles Chasie View on Amazon
    Age-old ties: Pfutseromi & Khwuno Thevo2013Charles Chasie
    The Naga Imbroglio: A Personal Perspective1999Charles Chasie
    Nagas Today: Indigenous Discourse2010Charles Chasie
    The Road to Kohima: The Naga Experience in the 2nd World War2017Charles Chasie View on Amazon
    The Naga Memorandum to the Simon Commission, 19292017Charles Chasie
    The Unique Socio-Political Background of NagalandCharles Chasie
    The Prisoner from Nagaland 1987 Dalle Namo
    Nagas: Problems and Politics 1992 Dr Ashiko Daili Mao View on Amazon
    Nagaland: A Spatial Analysis 1990 Dr Imnauondang
    Rural Development in Nagaland 1993 Dr. A. Lanunungsang
    From Phizo to Muivah 2002 Dr. A. Lanunungsang View on Amazon
    Some Aspects of Naga Economy 1980 Dr. Anthony Patton
    Let Freedom Ring: Story of Naga Nationalism2005 Dr. Atai Shimray View on Amazon
    Life and Dignity2015Dr. Dolly Kikon View on Amazon
    Living With Oil and Coal - Resource Politics and Militarization in Northeast India2019Dr. Dolly Kikon View on Amazon
    Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affective Labour in India2019Dr. Dolly Kikon View on Amazon
    The Angami Naga and the British (1832 – 1947) 1999 Dr. L. Atola Changkiri View on Amazon
    Women in Naga Society 1998 Dr. Lucy Zehol View on Amazon
    Nagamese: the Lingua Franca in Nagaland 2007 Dr. N Khashito Aye
    British Policy and Administration in Nagaland 1991 Dr. Piketo Sema **NPSC Prelims 2019
    Nagaland – A Study of Social Geography 1989 Dr. T. Lanusosang
    Studies on Theology and Naga Culture 1998 Dr. Takatemjen
    Songs of Many Moods 1995 Dr. Temsula Ao
    Future Nagaland 1988 Dr. Wati Aier
    When the River Sleeps2014Easterine KireWon the Hindu Literary Prize 2015 View on Amazon
    Bitter Wormwood2011Easterine KireShortlisted for The Hindu Prize 2013 View on Amazon
    Kelhoukevira1982Easterine KirePoetry
    The Windhover Collection2001Easterine KireShort stories and poems
    A Naga Village Remembered2003Easterine KireFirst Novel by Easterine Kire and first novel by a Naga writer in English
    Mari2010Easterine Kire
    Life on Hold2011Easterine Kire
    Son of the Thundercloud2016Easterine KireAwarded Bal Sahitya Puraskar by Sahitya Akademy in 2018 View on Amazon
    A Terrible Matriarchy2007Easterine Kire
    Don't Run, My Love2017Easterine Kire
    Walking the Roadless Road: Exploring the Tribes of Nagaland2019Easterine Kire View on Amazon
    A Respectable Woman2019Easterine Kire View on Amazon
    Loneliness is an Orange (Poetry) 2018 Emisenla Jamir
    Delhi Chalo: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s Last Camp in Nagaland 2005 Er. Vikho Swuro
    Christianity and Politics in Tribal India: Baptist Missionaries and Naga Nationalism 2021 G. Kanato Chophy
    Jadonang: A Mystic Naga Rebel 2002 Gangmumei Kamei
    Beliefs and Practices of Nagas 2019 Hitoca H Sumi
    Emergence of Nagaland: Socio-economic and Political Transformation and the Future 1986 Hokishe Sema
    Communication and Naga Culture 2007 Imsutoshi Jamir
    Lovely Mother 2007 Imtijungla Longchar
    Head-hunters Culture: Historic Culture of Nagas 2012 Joseph S. Thong
    Glimpses of Naga Legacy and Culture 2011 Joseph S. Thong, Phanenmo Kath
    Nagaland and India – The Blood and The Tears 2003 Kaka D. Iralu
    How Then Shall We Live 2009 Kaka D. Iralu
    The Naga Saga 2009 Kaka D. Iralu
    Nagaland and India – The Blood and The Tears2003Kaka D. Iralu
    How Then Shall We Live2009Kaka D. Iralu
    The Naga Saga2009Kaka D. Iralu
    Forgiveness and Politics 2017 Kethoser Aniu Kevichusa
    Things That Can Go Wrong On Your Wedding 2018 Kezhakielie Whiso
    Encountering Life Antics of a Government Servant 2015 Khekiye K. Sema
    Political History of Rengma Nagas 2007 Khillo G Rengma
    The Last Light of Glory Days, Stories From Nagaland 2021 Kire Avinuo
    Education and the Nagas 1995 Kiremwati
    Once upon a time in Kohima 2020 Konaei Shongdok
    Politics and Militancy in Nagaland 2004 Kuhoi K Zhimomi
    Ao Naga Customary Laws and Practices2012L Sosang Jamir
    Ao Naga Social and Customary Law L. Imti Aier
    Nagaland 1970 L.L.Yaden
    Fact and Growth of Naga Nationalism 1993 L.Wati
    Salad Life: Stories from the Hills 2019 Lanu Wallinger
    I, Ben Wati, My Training Years 2012 Lemtila Alinger
    Folk Tales From Nagaland: Part I & II1989M. Alemchiba AO and P. K. Bhattacharya
    The Naga Polity 1975 M. Horam
    Socio-cultural life of Nagas 1977 M. Horam
    Nagas Old Ways and New Trends1988 M. Horam
    Naga Insurgency: The Last 30 Years 1988 M. Horam
    Proceedings of the Seminar on Naga Customary Laws1972M.Alemchiba Ao
    The arts and crafts of Nagaland1968M.Alemchiba Ao
    A Brief Historical Account of Nagaland1970M.Alemchiba Ao
    Unforgetable Memories from Nagaland 1994 Mar Atsongchanger
    The Historical Memoranda of the Nagas and their Neighbours Mar Atsongchanger
    Something I need to know 2011 Mhonchumo S. Lotha
    Slingstones (poetry) 2021 Mmhonlumo Kikon
    Praying with Understanding Moasenla Aier
    A Treatise on Customary and Fundamental Laws of the Nagas in Nagaland 2019 Moatoshi Ao
    Monsoon Mourning2013Monalisa ChangkijaPoetry
    Weapons of Words on Pages of Pain 1993Monalisa ChangkijaPoetry
    Cogitating for a Better Deal2014Monalisa Changkija
    Middles2018Monalisa Changkija
    The Ancestor of Ayemi 2000 N Khashito Aye
    Ao Naga Cultural Heritage 1997 N. Talitemjen Jamir
    My Mother’s Daughter 2019 Neikehienuo Mepfhu-o
    Ordinary Nagas With Exceptional Stories: Have patience, God isn’t finished yet 2017 Neon Phom
    The unlikely India 2019 Nzan Kikon
    The Starry Night2019Nzan Kikon
    A girl swallowed by a tree: Lotha Naga Tales Retold 2017 Nzanmongi Jasmine Patton
    The Fallen Wings Nzanthung K. Yanthan
    Longri Ao O.M. Mao
    A Search for Naga Identity 1967 P. Moasosang
    The Nagas 1963 P. Shilu Ao
    Ancient Ao Naga Religion and Culture 1993 Panger Imchen
    HIV & AIDS: Towards Inclusive Communities A Theological Reader2015Philip Kuruvilla and Wati Longchar
    Nagas Right to Self Determination : An Anthropological Historical Perspective 2005 R Vashum
    Perils and Pitfalls in Public Service R.L.Jamir, IAS
    Mayangnokcha- The Pathfinder R.P. Sharma, Ngangshikokba
    Origin and culture of Nagas 1985 R.R. Shimray
    Naga Music, Naga Identity 2007 Rev Dr Neiliezhu Usou
    The King's Messenger 2014  Rev Lano Longchar
    The Hornbill Spirit, Nagas Living Their Nationalism2016Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham LothaAwarded the Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature
    History of Naga Anthropology (1832 - 1947)2007Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham Lotha
    The Raging Mithun, Challenges of Naga Nationalism2013Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham Lotha
    Nagaland and India-The Nagaland Church and Polities: 1986 Rev. V.K.Nuh
    A theological reflection on Naga society 1996 Rev. V.K.Nuh
    The Naga Chronicle 2002 Rev. V.K.Nuh
    My Country and My People Rev. V.K.Nuh
    Retelling Naga Narratives: More Than Thrice-Told Tales2014Richard Carbo, John Coakley & Abraham Lotha
    The Genesis of the Naga political movement 1998 Ringkahao Horam
    Echoes of Spring2008Rita and Agnes Krocha
    Four Shades2013Robert Seiboi, Aboli Chishi,Temjenrenba Anichar, Vishu Rita Krocha
    In Words (Poetry) 2021 Roland Kikon
    Way Home 2018 Ruukuonuo Liegise
    A Narrative Of A Third Cultured Kid 2019 S. Yusenti Jamir
    Agony of Nagaland S.C. Jamir
    Naga People's Convention and 16 Point AgreementS.C.Jamir
    50 Years and BeyondS.C.Jamir
    A Naga's Quest For Fulfillment2016S.C.JamirAutobiography
    Agony of NagalandS.C.Jamir
    Dreams & Chaos 2020 Sentilong Ozukum
    Memoirs of a Naga Centenarian- A pioneer Naga nationalist remembers 2004  Sentsi Pfuron
    Naga – A people struggling for self determination 2001 Shimreichon Luithui
    Suki’s Magic Box2017Sochumlo Suki EzungIn 2017, she was 10 years old, and the youngest publisher from Nagaland.
    Suki’s Spacecraft 2019 Sochumlo Suki Ezung
    Beyond the Banyan tree 2019 T Kikon
    Reminicenece: Impur to Naga National Council 1988 T. Aliba Imti
    The Genesis of All Naga Students Federation T. Aliba Imti
    A history of Anglo Naga Affairs 1958 Tajenyuba Ao
    British Occupation of Naga Country 1993 Tajenyuba Ao
    Christianity versus Ao Naga Tajenyuba Ao
    Songs that Tell1988Temsula Ao
    Songs that Try to Say1992Temsula Ao
    Songs of Many Moods1995Temsula Ao
    Songs from Here and There2003Temsula Ao
    Songs From The Other Life2007Temsula Ao
    Laburnum for my Head2009Temsula AoAwarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2013
    The Ao Naga Oral Tradition1999Temsula Ao
    These Hills Called Home: Stories from the War Zone2005Temsula Ao
    On Being a Naga2014Temsula Ao
    Once Upon a Life2014Temsula Ao
    Aosenla′s Story2018Temsula Ao
    Raconteurs from the Hills2014 Tialula (Author), Vishu Rita Krocha (Author), Lhutu Keyho Agnes Tepa, Emisen Jamir, Imti Longchar (Author)
    Women And Politics In Nagaland: Challenges And Imperatives 2012 Toshimenla Jamir
    Ancient Naga Head Hunter Lives and Tales 2009 Tsuknung Penzu
    Naga Social Life Through the Ages Tsuknung Penzu
    Five Great Tragic Tales from Naga Folklore Tsuknung Penzu
    The Periphery strikes back – Challenges to Nation State in Assam & Nagaland U.P.Ayonmisho
    Tribal Voice 2008 V Ansheley Sumi
    Waiting for the dust to settle 2020 Veio Pou
    "Shoposho" (A Naga folktale Children’s Book)2015Vishü Rita Krocha
    A Bucket of Rain2011Vishü Rita Krocha
    Yearnings2018Vishü Rita Krocha
    The Chakhesangs- A Window to Phek District2013Vishü Rita Krocha and Rekha Rose Dukru
    A History of Nagas and Nagaland 2008 Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü
    A Naga Odyssey: My Long Way Home 2018 Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü, Richard Broome
    The Aos of Nagaland Wangshimenla Jamir
    Growth of Education in Nagaland 1997 Yajen Aier
    Beating Life at its Own Game 2021 Yansathung M Ezung
    Love Lust and Loyalty 2018 Yuimi Vashum
    Bedrock of Naga Society2020S C Jamir
    Phizo and the Naga Problem 2014 Zinyü Mhiesizokho
    Lessons from LifeKiremwati Ao
    Dinkypu2012Easterine Kire
    Once in Faraway Dorg2011Easterine Kire
    The Log-Drummer Boy2013Easterine Kire
    Different Strokes2013Easterine Kire
    Encyclopaedia of Nagaland2009Lima Sashi Aier
    Life goes On2013Inovi Awomi
    The Morning Years1994Nini Lungalang Poovathinkal
    Adventures of Lhusakii and Other Stories2014Agnes Tepa
    Glimpses of Naga History. Naga patriots of Soyim1993I BENDANGANGSHI
    The Angami Nagas and the British (1832-1947)1999L. Atola Changkiri
    Tribal Transformation — The Early History of the Naga Hills2013Achilla Imlong Erdican
    History of Anglo-Naga Affairs1958A TAJENYUBA
    Campus Blues2010Sentilong Ozukum
    Sincerely Yours2017Sentilong OzukumAdapted into two short regional films in India
    Dreams and Chaos2020Sentilong OzukumSequel to the novel by the same author - Campus Blues. It has been adapted into an Original Web Series by the DABA Youth Ministry.
    Τhe Case of Longti Village2021Sentilong Ozukum
    Teacher Man2022Sentilong Ozukum

    Books on Nagas / Nagaland by others

    Find books written on the Nagas or Nagaland by other authors in the table below.
    You can use sort and search to find by book title or author name.

    Book TitlePub. YearAuthor(s)Link
    A Corner in India 1907Mary M. Clark (American Baptist Publication Society)View on Amazon
    The Ao Naga Grammer 1911Mary M. ClarkView on Amazon
    The Angami Nagas 1921John Henry HuttonView on Amazon
    The Sema Nagas 1921 John Henry HuttonView on Amazon
    The Lotha Nagas 1922 James P. Mills, John H. Hutton, J.H. Hullen
    Naga Manners and Customs 1990 John Henry Hutton (Vintage Books, Gurgaon, 1990 )View on Amazon
    Report on Naga Hills 1986 John Henry Hutton
    The Ao Nagas 1926 James P. MillsView on Amazon
    The Rengma Nagas 1937 James P. MillsView on Amazon
    The Naked Nagas 1939 Christoph von Furer HaimendorfView on Amazon
    Return to the Naked Nagas: An Anthropologist's view of Nagaland 1936-­19701969 Christoph von Furer HaimendorfView on Amazon
    Konyak Nagas: An India Frontier Tribe (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)1969 Christoph von Furer HaimendorfView on Amazon
    Nagaland1961 Verrier ElwinView on Amazon
    Under the Head-Hunters' eyes 1929 A.C. BOWERView on Amazon
    Tekhi's Hunting1941 Winifred Holmes
    The Star of the Naga Hills 1941 Narola Rivenburg
    Naga Path 1950 Ursula Graham BowerView on Amazon
    The Naga Queen: Ursula Graham Bower and her Jungle Warriors (1939-45)2011 Vicky ThomasView on Amazon
    The Ao Naga tribe of Assam: A study in ethnology and sociology1925William Carlson SmithView on Amazon
    Nagaland The Night of the Guerrillas 1978 Nirmal NibedonView on Amazon
    We lived in Nagaland: Aizuto 1978 B.I. ANDERSON
    Kinship politics and Law in Naga society  1993LN DasView on Amazon
    A Pilgrimage to the Nagas 1984 Milada GanguliView on Amazon
    Longri Ao: A Biography 1986 O.M. RAO
    Rani Gaidiliu (Biography of Gaidinliu )2002 Kusumlata NayyarView on Amazon
    Zapuphizo: Voice of the Nagas 2002 Peter SteynView on Amazon
    The Naga Identity 2005 BB KumarView on Amazon
    The Angami Nagas 2006 Renu SuriView on Amazon
    From Head-Hunters to Church Planters 2006 Paul HattawayView on Amazon
    Road of Bones - The Siege of Kohima 1944
    (Winner of the British Army Military Book of the Year 2011)
    2010 Fergal Keane View on Amazon
    Nagaland: A Journey to India's Forgotten Frontier 2011 Jonathan GlanceyView on Amazon
    ABC of Naga Culture and Civilization 2011 Nandita HaksarView on Amazon
    Out of isolation - exploring a forgotten world 2011 Frans Welman
    Forbidden Land - Quest for Nagalim2011 Frans WelmanView on Amazon
    The Naga Story: First Armed Struggle in India 2012 H.C. ChandolaView on Amazon
    Naga Queen 2013 Pauline HaytonView on Amazon
    Nagas in the 21st Century 2017 Jelle J P Wouters and Michael HeneiseView on Amazon
    In the Shadows of Naga Insurgency: Tribes, State and Violence in Northeast India 2018 Jelle J.P. WoutersView on Amazon
    Kuknalim, Naga Armed Resistance: Testimonies of Leaders, Pastors, Healers and Soldiers 2019 Nandita Haksar, Sebastian M. HongrayView on Amazon
    The Nagas: Disciplined forms of Beauty1992Grata Somare
    An American in Nagaland2004Tom FarellView on Amazon
    The Nagas: The evolution of their history and administration, 1832-19392003SK BARPUJARIView on Amazon
    Nagas in the Nineteenth Century1969 Verrier Elwin
    History of Nagaland1982BB GHOSH
    The Hidden World of the Naga2003 Aglaja Stirn, Peter Van Ham View on Amazon

    Need PDF/ Text copies of some of the books above?

    If you are interested PDF / Text of some of the older books listed above, you an search on the internet (Google it!) You may also search on (Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books and more) with the title of the book. You can then download PDF / Text or in other formats available.

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