Naga insurgents surrender to the then Nagaland governor BK Nehru in 1973 (Credit: PIB)

Chronology of Naga Political Developments – Part One

Chronology of Naga Political Developments – Part One

1826: The British annexed Assam in 1826.

1832– First contact between the British and the Nagas when Captain Jenkins and Lieutenant Pemberton escorted by Raja Gumbeer Singh‘s Manipur troops forced a passage through the Naga areas for a strategic survey of road communication between Assam and Manipur.

  • (January: Captain Francis Jerkins and RB Pemperton with 700 Manipuri troops and 800 coolies marched through Mao and Angami villages from Imphal to reach Assam).

1866: Creation of Naga Hills district

  • The Naga Hills district was created in 1866 by the Government of British India and Naga Hills became a district of Assam Province with its headquarters at Samaguting (present day Chumukedima).
  • The first police outpost was established in the Naga Hills at Samaguting in 1866, which was later shifted to Kohima in 1888.

1918 – Formation of Naga Club

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